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Protecting lives, critical infrastructure, and information - that's what we do every day at Evergreen Fire and Security.

With a wealth of more than 23 years of experience building and maintaining protection systems for commercial and government facilities, we tackle even the most complex safety and security challenges.

Our certified technicians take the time to inspect your property and build custom systems that suit your budget and timeframe.

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Evergreen’s Complete Protection Services

Life Safety

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Fire Alarm and Life Safety

Our fire alarm and life safety solutions echo our commitment to your well-being. By keeping your systems up-to-date, reliable, and compliant, we shield your building, its occupants, and assets from unforeseen calamities.


Mass Notification

Stay a step ahead during critical events with our MASS notification system. Integrated into your existing infrastructure, this solution acts as a lifeline, enabling clear, timely communication and enhancing emergency response capabilities.


Fire Inspection Services

Specializing in thorough inspections of fire suppression systems and extinguishers, we provide detailed assessments and identify any deficiencies, ensuring you stay informed and compliant.


Emergency Responder Communication Enhancement System (ERCES)

Support those who safeguard us with our robust ERCES solutions. Adhering to stringent codes and standards, our systems maintain vital communication links within expansive buildings, bolstering the effectiveness of emergency responders.



Security and
Intrusion Detection

Feel secure with our advanced intrusion detection systems that serve as a vigilant digital sentinel, ever-watchful for unauthorized entry. Expertly installed by our certified professionals, these systems stand as an unwavering barrier to any potential breach.


Physical Identity and Access Management (PIAM)

Empower yourself with our potent PIAM solutions. We offer you the keys to your digital kingdom, granting you absolute control over access to your premises and data. With our tailored training, managing access privileges becomes a breeze.


Access Control

Experience the perfect blend of security and convenience with our innovative access control systems. We train your team to deftly manage access points, bridging the gap between operational efficiency and uncompromising safety.


Integrated Video Surveillance/CCTV

Keep an eagle's eye on your premises with our state-of-the-art CCTV systems. Designed to capture every corner, our surveillance solutions offer a comprehensive view, enabling you to spot vulnerabilities and effectively counter potential threats.


Perimeter Detection

Fortify your property's outer limits with our diverse perimeter detection technologies. We protect what matters most, from the lives within your walls to your most valued assets and information. Rest easy knowing our early intrusion warnings facilitate swift action.


Video Management and Analytics

Harness the power of insight with our smart video management and analytics services. Make every second of your CCTV footage count, as our solutions enable you to swiftly identify and respond to key incidents, boosting your operational efficiency.



Keep cyber threats at bay with our robust cybersecurity measures. Our in-house experts ensure the systems we install and maintain are fortified against digital onslaughts, allowing your business to thrive unhindered.


Wireless Technology

Enjoy seamless connectivity with our robust wireless solutions. We make sure your protection systems communicate effectively, even in critical situations, ensuring prompt and reliable alert relay for enhanced safety and response times.

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Evergreen Fire and Security offers total protection for your people, assets, and infrastructure. Count on our experienced team to build custom systems that suit your demands.