About Us

360-Degree Protection for Your People and Assets

From fire and life safety to security systems, Evergreen builds you the best solutions.
We have the experience, certification, and tools to keep you safe and your operations secure at all times.

Core Values


The most important job we have is providing service to others. Whether working with customers, employees, or other stakeholders, we effectively communicate to understand their needs and establish clear expectations. We earn and maintain their trust and fulfill the promises we make.


We look for ways to make our jobs easier and more effective. We leverage process improvement and consistently seek ways to accomplish more with less. We continually evaluate people, technology, processes, and information to prudently integrate them into our solutions.


We’re resilient. We persevere over setbacks and effectively manage ambiguity. We are flexible; remain calm, focused, and clear-headed under pressure; and adapt quickly to successfully navigate obstacles.


We influence positive change and inspire results. We present relevant information, proactively socialize our ideas, and encourage constructive feedback. We respectfully challenge decisions, even when doing so is uncomfortable. After reflecting on feedback, we make a timely decision and clearly articulate a path forward. We have confidence it is the right one given the data available, and we support it wholly.


Our reputation matters. We are honest and truthful in all dealings, and we put the goals and objectives of the team and organization above our own. We accept personal accountability for our decisions, mistakes, and learning. We pitch in whenever and however needed. We seek solutions rather than pointing fingers and finding fault.

Your Ultimate Resource for All Your Life Safety and Security Needs

At Evergreen, we understand that every organization has unique needs and requirements. Our team collaborates with you throughout the process to provide personalized solutions based on your budget and objectives. Contact us today to find out how we can assist you.