Delivering Safety and Security

An effective Security Management plan requires multiple system types and technologies operating simultaneously to obtain effective required information and data. A crucial aspect of this Security Management plan is the integration of these various technologies into a single system platform in order to create not only an effective, but also a very efficient outcome. Evergreen Fire and Security can provide a fully integrated solution; all from a company that is committed to supporting all systems and products provided:

Design and Engineering

Our system engineers are equally adept at designing and installation, and we have provided these services to several Government locations both CONUS and OCONUS. From the site survey to final testing, our team provides turnkey solutions to our customers' security needs, whether it's a completely new installation, or if it's an addition or upgrade to an existing system. Our experienced staff of security professionals, fire professionals, and CAD technicians can take any project from inception to a completely designed system.


Evergreen's security and fire alarm systems installers install, maintain, and repair electric systems that signal a private central office of fire or burglary on a subscriber's premises, automatically dial the monitors if a breach or fire is detected, or ring an on-site alarm. Installers set up wired and wireless alarm systems, conduits, electronic sensors, and signaling units in government and commercial establishments, following blueprints of electrical layouts and building plans. Installers also install closed circuit TV, surveillance, and mass notification.


When security is breached or a part of the system is down Evergreen immediately responds, contacting the appropriate authorities and emergency services. We also provide assistance to end-users of the system (e.g. coordinating monthly system status checks; educating end-users how to utilize properly the system; tracking service calls; etc.)

Confidence Testing

Evergreen Fire and Security employ highly qualified, experienced, and certified technicians to perform the inspection at your facility. Our technicians are fully licensed to perform these inspections and also hold NICET certifications.

No matter the scope or size of the system, confidence testing and preventative maintenance are vital for keeping those systems operating at 100%. If those systems are not fully operational, malfunctions can happen, which endangers lives and property. Evergreen has successfully developed programs for confidence testing and maintenance that we have implemented at numerous locations across the United States.

The International Fire Code requires building owners to maintain their building's fire protection systems in good working condition at all times and to ensure that these systems are tested regularly. Building owners are required to schedule quarterly and/or yearly confidence tests without notification from your local Fire Department. No more than 12 months may elapse between annual certification/confidence tests. After the system is tested, a service label will be attached to the system and a confidence testing will be sent to the local Fire Department Confidence Testing Unit, which is part of the Fire Prevention Bureau. Choosing Evergreen Fire and Security to perform your confidence test will provide you the peace of mind that all the correct documentation has been completed and that your facility's fire alarm system has been thoroughly inspected by our NICET and factory certified technicians.


We have certified trainers on staff, which allows us to teach and certify in-house. The training involves several weeks of classroom instruction, which includes hands on installation, programming, and a rigorous final exam before certification is awarded. This ensures that when one of our technicians is dispatched to a job, the customer can feel confident that the work will meet or exceed the standards of the manufacturer. Evergreen also offers this same service and training to end-users - either at our home facility or at the customer's site.

Maintenance and Service

Evergreen Fire and Security have developed highly successful programs for electronic security maintenance. Our formula includes the following key elements, which are customized to meet our customer's specific needs:

Evergreen performs many other tasks in the maintenance process such as checking power supplies and performing site surveys. We also provide subject matter expertise to our customers on existing systems and provide guidance to help them achieve their security goals.